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The Violin Shop acquires violins, violas, and cellos of both European and Asian origins which are carefully hand selected by Luthier William J. Fleischer. WJF regraduates and acoustically improves the instruments as needed. These instruments are of high quality and would certainly fulfill the need of the advanced student or young professional.

This line of instruments is a fine example of modern Chinese work. The instruments are beautifully handmade with satin varnish. The 305 model is in a lightly distressed antique style varnish in shades from dark-red brown to golden brown. These instruments produce a rich, powerful tone.
Handmade instruments of the highest quality these instruments always please not only visually but acoustically.
Ivan Dunov
Quality and value are words that describe these instruments of Romanian origin. The Eastern European tone woods and meticulous craftsmanship produce instruments that have a professional look and excellent sound.
Rudolf Doetsch
From their beginnings in a small violin-making town in Germany to their completion in our Eastman Strings workshop in Beijing, China, Rudoulf Doetsch instruments are in the hands of experts. That’s why they have become known as “America’s favorite German instruments.”
Founded in 1989, GCV is internationally recognized as a distinguished maker of fine stringed instruments and bows ranging from fractional size instruments for beginners to superior master instruments and bows for advanced and professional players. Today, GCV instruments and bows are being distributed by top musical instrument companies in over twenty countries in Europe, America, and Asia.
These instruments are of high quality and fine workmanship. The instruments are known for their wonderful tone.